Sunday, October 31, 2010

Complete Face Care sample sets now avaliable at Moi Minerals & cosmetics

This Complete Face Care kit is only 3 simple steps!

You Get:
2-Sample size of "Face First" Natural face cleanser (Fair Trade African Black Soap with Shea Butter)
1-Sample bottle of ''Fancy Face"Natural face serum
Sample Kit will last 1-3 weeks depending on Use. (I used Mine for 2.5 weeks) with daily use ;)
$5.00 great way to try to see if its right for you!

Cleanser/Soap Uses and How its Used:
This soap is gentle enough to be used on your body, face, and hair.♥
  Many have claimed on the benefits of using African Black Soap.
Some of many claims are that it can help relieve rashes, softens rough and dry skin also great for oily skin, acne, blemishes,Removing Make-up, scalp irritations and other skin problems.
This soap gives your face a natural deep cleansing,while leaving it fresh and healthier.
*Whether these benefits or claims are true or false is up to you to decide.

Natural Face Serum benefits and uses:
The Serum is used just like your daily moisturizer, applied to a clean dry face.
 1-2 drops are all that is needed to cover your face.
This is My own formula that I use daily and in using this I have no breakouts, and it doesn't clog pores!
 Once your skin absorbs the serum It leaves the  skin soft and smooth and non oily.
The serum is great for all skin types and skin conditions.

Note: Everyone's skin is different and reacts in different ways , that's why I am offering you the sample size, so you can test it with your own skin, without spending a lot.
**When I first started to use the cleanser/soap It took My skin about a week to get use to the change. Its almost like it is detoxing your skin, getting rid of all the chemicals and toxins that you have put on your Face/Hair & Body over the years.

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